Who Needs a9CAD?

Who Needs a9CAD

Who Needs a9CAD? – Speaking of a reliable graphic editing freeware, a9CAD can take the title. However, with its features and capabilities, who will this software benefit? Is it exclusive to certain projects or can anyone use them? Well, let’s discover who are likely to need and use a9CAD!
• Engineers
Most laymen would agree that mechanical blueprints are better understood when there’s a finished product or 3D example of the product itself. However, that’s hard to achieve when you are still in the process of making the product in this field.

So, what can we do? Thanks to technology advancements, we can now make a digital 3D model on the software with ease, which can be swivelled around to see all of its nooks and cranny.

• Architects
Well, same with engineers, architects can also make 3D models of their building plans. This way, it is easier to visualize the building they are designing. And, yes, you can also design both the exterior and interior of the building with utmost detail. Basically, a9CAD allows architects to make digital 3D house models. Plus, since the model is 3D, it will appeal to the customers more because they can see the end result immediately.

• Movie Makers
Nowadays, it’s hard not to find films without CGI touches. However, before the CGI is applied, how can the editors make them? They got to make a 3D draft first, of course. That’s where a9CAD plays on. Instead of drawing a sketch by hand (which is still used, though often done very roughly), they would do a 3D draft to make sure that it can be understood by fellow crews.

Needs a9CAD

• Hobbyists
Who said that a9CAD is exclusive for professionals? Hobbyists can use the software as well and have fun with it! Yes, basically, the software can be used for any projects than need both 2D and 3D models – though it is most likely sought by those who needs the 3D features. Plus, you can also print the projects directly from the software (yes, even if it’s 3D!)

Surely, since the interface is so simple, a9CAD can be used for both beginners and professionals alike. However, that doesn’t mean anyone would specifically need the software. Due to the 3D graphic editing feature, it is best used by designers and drafters in engineering, architecture, and movie making. Of course, if you have a project that needs 3D graphics on hand, this software is more than welcome, too!