What is Sofware a9CAD?

What is Sofware a9CAD

Have you heard about software named A9CAD? The A9CAD software is software used for graphic design. It is CAD software which can be used for Windows. This software program is widely used for drawing and design.

About A9CAD
A9CAD is created and developed by A9tech. It can be operated in Windows program. It is used in a 2D CAD software application. It is free CAD software that can be downloaded through the internet. It provides an easy application for the user to make some changes in drawing shapes and modify any designs. It can be used for DWG and DXF format.
It is also a part of photography software. It means that it can help you working on your design and editing any pictures you have in your computer or laptop. This program wisely used in some countries.

The Features
It supports two-dimensional Computer Aided Design which specializes in viewing and modifying the drawing designs. It can be used for DWG and DXF format to DWG/DFX 2000. It is familiar for the user of the Windows program since it used Windows as the platform. It is equipped with a command bar to insert the coordinate.

The Functions
A9CAD can be said is software that can be used to draw shapes, such as rectangle, text, square, triangle, oval, lines, dimension, circle and more. By using A9CAD, the user also can perform some modification to the drawing style.

You are able to change the arrangement of the design, rotate into various rotation positions, editing the color, fill any text into the drawing, change the width, change the type of the line and more. It will make your 2 Dimensional designs easier to modify and edit according to any style you want. It is perfectly used for personal or business needs.
The A9CAD software is free CAD software which can be used to view and edit the two-dimensional drawing designs. This software is compatible with Windows. The user can edit or make any shapes by using this software.