What Can You Do with a9CAD?

What Can You Do with a9CAD

Speaking of graphic editing software, a9CAD is definitely one of the biggest names there is. However, despite being used by a lot of professionals, the interface is so clean and easy to use. So, what makes this software special?

What can we do with it? Let’s find out!
• Any 2D Editing, Really
Since a9CAD is all-rounded graphic editing software, we can do 2D editing as well. So, it’s no wonder that the software has basic tools such as lines, shapes, points, and many more! Plus, for the editing itself, you can easily move, rotate, change color, change the style, add texts, and see the design in different sizes and angles as you like it. It is used to produce fine graphic for all purposes including for websites.

Basically, you can make any shape imaginable and shift it to your liking with a9CAD. Not to mention, the interface is so easy, comparable to (ahem) word-processing software since the toolbar is on top of the screen, not the sides. Plus, you can read what tool is for what, which made a9CAD beginner-friendly.

• 3D Graphics
Well, if the features stopped on 2D editing, wouldn’t that make a9CAD no different from other graphic editing software? Yes, but don’t worry – a9CAD got 3D graphic editing to amp its sleeves as well. Again, it’s not so difficult to do thanks to the easy interface. So, unless you are making an intricate design, it will not take too much time to earn a good result with the software. Plus, a9CAD is a freeware, so anyone can get creative with 3D graphics if they used this software!


• Printing!
Depending on the software, there may be some difficulties with printing. In most cases, you will have to save the file as .jpg or .png first, opening the picture on a viewer software, then print it from there. Well, luckily, a9CAD saves you from the trouble because you can print directly from the software! Yes, be it 2D or 3D graphics you are making, you can print your work immediately as long as your computer is connected to a printer, which is such a time-saver.

Yup, the interface sure is easy which is why beginners will not have a hard time trying to learn it. However, what’s interesting about it is that there’s one thing that you can’t do on any other graphic editing software – 3D graphics. So, it’s no wonder that this software is versatile enough to be used by all types of professionals.