The Overview of A9CAD

The Overview of A9CAD

Most people confuse to edit the drawing and design in their computer. Is there a software can be used to view and edit the two dimensional graphic design? Yes, there is. The name of the software is A9CAD. A9CAD is CAD program that can be used in Windows program for two-dimensional purposes. It is compatible use for the DWG/DXF format.

The General Description
The feature of A9CAD software is almost similar to AutoCAD. The common version of A9CAD is the version of 2.2.2. Most of the users of the A9CAD come from United States, Italy, Japan, and Germany. Most users install this program in Windows 7 and Windows 10. This software is developed by A9Tech which located in the United States.

Since it is free CAD software, you can find the updated version of A9CAD by browsing in the internet. You can download the program and install it in your computer. The downloaded file is in .exe format. There are 9 files in a package. Once the program has installed in your computer, it will make the scheduled task in the windows bar.

Basic Format
The A9CAD has a basic drawing ability. You can draw square, circle, triangle, lines and others as well. You can also use the command lines to make the shapes in your computer. You also can perform editing in your drawing by using A9CAD. You can use the editing formats, such as redo, undo, cut, copy and paste in this software.

However, you can find several editing format, like you find in the other programs, such as paste as block and paste special. Only general editing formats are available in this software. You can also type any text in your drawing design using A9CAD.

A9CAD is CAD program that can be used for two-dimensional purposes. It can be used in Windows programs, such as Windows 7 and 10. Some major countries become the biggest users of this program.