Some Shortcuts and Directives for A9CAD

A9CAD, Graphic Design Software

Having a smart way to work with a program will give you more time to evaluate the final result of your work. It means that you can work faster and more efficient. As you know that A9CAD is software for graphic design and photographer which can give you a picture in the two-dimensional model. These shortcuts and directives for A9CAD will help people to perform faster using this graphic design software.

– Basic Shortcuts
Instead of clicking the button for performing each command for the program to work, you can click some letters for performing basic commands for creating the line, circles, rectangle and more. Here are the shortcuts. The L is used for drawing the line. The C is used for creating a circle in the program. You can type REC for drawing a rectangle in your design. The letter A is used to create an arc.

You can type BH to hatch the boundary system. The X issued for exploding. If you want to copy the picture, you can type CO in your keyboard. M is used to move the pictures or the operation process. RO is used for rotating.

– Basic Directive Features
There are some basic directives which can be performed using A9CAD. You can write text in this software as you find in the AutoCAD. You cannot create many lines with A9CAD because it doesn’t perform this function. You can print the result of your work using this software. The basic operating system will be the same as the one you do in Word. If you feel want to get the new look for the styles, colors or size, you can do it by changing the setting in this software.

A9CAD is a kind of software that can provide the user with graphic design drawing and operation for the two-dimensional and three-dimensional model. The user can use some shortcuts and directives for A9CAD which can help them to work faster.