Important Features of A9CAD

Important Features of A9CAD

Finishing your work with great effective time management is everyne’s dream and it provides much time to evaluate the work. You can work efficiently by accomplishing it with great software. Thanks to for developing a9cad, great design software for designer or photographer. Here some important features fo A9CAD will help you to finish your work efficiently.

– Get to Know with A9CAD
A9cad is a powerfull and friendly 2D program to assist the people to make 2D objects. This program help people to draw 2D objects like shapes, rectangle, or convert all attributes in windows properties. Interestingly, people can use it in DWG/DXF drawing formats which are only available in selective drawing and designing industry.

Covered 98 percent of all current installation using 2.2.0 version, this program does not need many hardisk space. With great functions, you need to install approximately nine files and it only needs 18.07 mega byte. This program is mostly used in windows 10 dan windows 7 and this program gains its popularity among poeple in Europe especially German and Italy. After you know briefly what a9cad is, it is a good time to know the important features provided in a9cad. Thus, read the information below to know it.

– Editing Feature
Because it is a program to create or design the 2D objects, the basic features to have is editing. It covers redo, undoe, cut, copy and paste. Interstingly, people can use a paste as a block to ease your design. However, you cannot use the right-click option mouse in the program.

– Layer Feature
When you use drawing 2D objects programs, there are a lot of things to be concerned. One of aspects is the layer feature. The layer feature in A9CAD is not difficult to operate. It looks like AutoCAD program. Frozen, colour, lock, line typr and line weights are attributes that you can find.

– Text and Dimension Feature
Even though it is a design software, it does not mean that you cannot put words on it. Apparently, you can write and put the italic word, bold word and underline word. The way to do it is similarly with the AutoCAD. However, there are some texting feature that cannot be used like GD&T symbols and tolerance.

Program A9CAD is a great option for making the great two-dimensional and three-dimensional products. The users can save their time and can work efficiently. Moreover, users can use it in windows platform since it is compatible on it.