A9CAD Software Drawing Program

A9CAD Software

Drawing can be done through various types of media. Not only paper, drawing can also be done via a PC or computer. Unlike when drawing on paper, drawing on a PC can only be done by using an application or software. The software that we can use in creating an image is a9CAD. This software is equipped with a CAD design system that can provide assistance to the computer in creating a simple drawing. As with other software, a9CAD is also equipped with several programs. To find out more about the a9CAD software program, see the explanation below.

The a9CAD software is a very popular and well-known software in Russia. This software is often used in modeling and design. To make drawing easier, a9CAD comes with different programs. Below are the programs contained in the a9CAD software:

  1. AutoCAD
    This program developed by Autodesk comes with events that are difficult to imagine. In the 80s, drawing using a computer mouse was commonplace. To make it easier for computer users to produce simple images, developers started creating the latest innovations through autoCAD. Through this program, images with 2D and 3D quality can be produced properly. The creations created by the maker can be seen due to the existence of autoCAD. AutoCAD is also supported with DWG, DWF and DFX formats. These three formats allow AutoCAD to produce high-quality graphic and geometric images.
  2. Compass
    Another program that can be found in the a9CAD software is Kompas. Compass has advantages in making calculations. During work, Kompas can recognize various types of formats well. An interesting feature that is presented by Kompas is a document that can be assembled automatically. From the resulting document, we can find out the specifications of the object being drawn. The images produced by the Kompas program look simple and can be used by a beginner. The Compass program is all used in Russian so language problems will not occur as long as new specialists are formed.
  3. NanoCAD
    If we want to know the basics of making an image, we can take advantage of the nanoCAD program which is owned by the a9CAD software. The special feature of this program is that the image is made in 2-dimensional space. In creating an image, nanoCAD also has support for various types of formats. Compared to Compass, nanoCAD produces 3D images of lower quality.
  4. Avtocad
    Creating and creating images is simple to do using the Avtokad program. This one program comes with a variety of products, one of which is ZWCAD. The software version of the product comes with different versions, namely, standard, classic and professional sets. Standard and professional sets are the versions most favored by Avtokad users. Avtokad’s 2D image models and 3D images have good format support. ZWCAD provides benefits to users, such as:
  • Free version offer so users don’t have to spend money when taking advantage of ZWCAD.
  • Support DXF, DWT and DWG formats. With this support, the program can open all types of files required by the user.
  • User has the opportunity to select 1 or more editing modes.
  • Interface switching can be done individually.
  • Easy to switch interface commands.