What’s New on A9cad 2020 Version

What's New on A9cad 2020 Version

Good news for A9cad users: there is new features launched in 2020. These features aim to provide more access and better convenient for the users. Compared to the previous version, 2020 version kicks stronger and the users could be more creative with their drawing design. What are some of the most impressive improvement?
– Dark Theme
The first feature that could be noticed right away is the dark theme. It gives new look to the front display. A9cad builds its dark theme with black and blue tone that have been adjusted for eyes comfort. By providing contrast on the display, the customers could see corners and angles distinctively.
The activation of dark theme also alters the user interface. Say goodbye to the cramped display setting and say hello to the clean and neat new display. Those who have tried the latest version admires the configuration. Similar praises are said by the players in online sbobet site when the site developer adds new games or bonus promotions.

– Speedier Work
In its official site, the users could see the long-term goal to provide high performance and powerful software to the market. Probably the launching of A9cad 2020 version could bring them closer to this goal. The leap that accommodated by this version gives benefit like never before.

Now the users could work in a faster pace. The “save” feature now takes only half second to record the changes that have been made. It is approximately one second faster than the previous version. For drawing tools, faster operation means more works to do.

– Quick Display
Isn’t it a hassle to open image properties or take note on the 2D measurement? Don’t worry, A9cad 2020 version could lend a hand. It could show the users the dimension, angles and distances of the drawing just by moving the cursor on the design. Try to drag the pointer to different side of the drawing and see how the pointer gives detailed information on the measurement.

It is not always the total development that could make big differences. Take a look at the advanced features in A9cad 2020 version. Even though it looks like minor improvement, the users will surely appreciate the effort to make them comfortable while using the apps. A little spoiler; the features above are just a little piece of the new features.