Types of A9CAD Software Programs Used in Designing Simple Images


CAD is a design system that PC users can use. Many software can be used in designing a design or drawing, one of which is a9CAD. This software is presented with several types of support programs. Each of these programs can be used by the user to design a simple image. AutoCAD and Compass are two types of a9CAD software programs that we need to understand. To find out more about the two types of programs, see the explanation below.

AutoCAD is a type of program developed by Autodesk. Drawing with the mouse has appeared back in the 80s. Although it is difficult for us to imagine, it has happened. Every year, developers strive to produce software that can make it easier for users to create a simple image. AutoCAD is supported by several formats that can create graphic and geometric. The format consists of DWG, DFX and DWF. DWG is a format that can be used to store projects, photos and maps. 1982 was the first year that the DWG format was developed. DFX can be used to design data exchange on CAD systems while DWF is a format that can be used to store data before printing. The AutoCAD program has two advantages, namely:

  1. The resulting image model is of high quality
  2. Creating designs with 2D quality and 3D quality. With both types of image quality, we can produce images that are full of creations and easily find mistakes in drawing.
    Apart from AutoCAD, another program that can be found in the a9CAD software is Kompas. The distinctive feature of this program is the program’s ability to perform calculations. The models and schemes that have been created must meet the requirements that come from GOST. Compass can recognize all types of formats, making it easier for us to create an image design. Another interesting feature that Kompas has is a document that can be assembled automatically. With this feature, we can clearly know the specifications of the model being drawn. In creating an image, Compass is very easy to use. This program which is owned by a9CAD software can be applied to all types of PCs. If we discuss this program, we can find out the advantages and disadvantages of Kompas. To find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of the Kompas program, you also can find out the review at spinbet99.com, they give the detail about :

• Deficiency
One of the shortcomings of the Kompas program is the costs that need to be incurred by users. PCs that want to take advantage of this program must have a large enough storage space. So that we can take advantage of the Kompas program, we need a PC with high specifications. We need to spend large funds just to get a PC with high specs. Another weakness that Kompas has is the low support for the DWG format.
• Advantages
Not only does it have drawbacks, the a9CAD software program also has several advantages. The advantages it has include:

  • It is very easy for users to learn so that beginners can take advantage of the Compass program easily and quickly.
  • Ability to connect a good library and according to the profile.
  • All programs use Russian spelling. The program’s help and instructions are in Russian so language barriers will not occur when new specialists are formed.