The a9CAD Software for Designing Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Design

The a9CAD Software for Designing Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Design

The a9CAD Software for Designing Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Design – If you are working as the architect, engineer, and movie maker, you may need software that can be used for creating the draft, forming the shapes, and editing images. In this case, you can use the Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. This software enables the user to make the two-dimensional and three dimensional of the physical objects. In addition, this software can be used as the communication tool between the designer and the builder. The CAD software provides high precision with deep detail so that every aspect of the design can be shown clearly.

Well, there are several types of CAD software that can be chosen. One of them is a9CAD software. This software is developed and updated by the A9Tech Company. The a9CAD software provides high consistency and complete features that can help the user to create such realistic 2D and 3D designs. This software can be classified as the Graphic Design Software and has been used since March 14, 2005. The most updated version of the a9CAD software is the 2.2.1 version. Well, this software can be operated by using some compatible operating systems such as Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. If you want to use this software, you can download it directly from the company websites in You may need to download the setup file with the name A9CADV2Setup.exe. The file size is about 15.54 MB. After that, you can run the setup process by following the directions and the a9CAD software is ready. This software is a free download. Therefore, you don’t need to buy the license in order to use it properly.

Generally, there are two types of a9CAD software that are a9CAD and a9CAD Pro. The Pro version will give more features than the normal a9CAD. However, even the standard a9CAD is enough to create such a precise and wonderful design. If you want to use the a9CAD software conveniently, you can use some shortcuts that may help you to create a design easier. If you want to draw the line, you can click letter L. Meanwhile, the circle can be drawn by using letter C. The REC words can be used for drawing a rectangle. Meanwhile, to create an arc, you can click the letter A. If you want to hatch the boundary system, you can type BH. The word RO can be used to rotate the object.

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