Positive and Negative Review on A9cad Software

Positive and Negative Review on A9cad Software

Positive and Negative Review on A9cad Software – The demand of user-friendly drawing tools with easy user interface is getting higher in 2020. One of the most favorite apps that the costumers recommend repeatedly is A9cad. To meet the demand and prove their commitment to provide better application, A9cad launches the 2020 version. What do the costumer say about it?
– Positive Traits
The talk of A9cad should start with the compact size of the software. The code for A9cad 2020 version is 2.2.0 and it takes only 18 MB space in costumer’s computer. It is compatible for windows 10 and windows 7 only, both are the mostly used operating systems by computer users.

Now take a look at the editing feature, which is praised in many reviews. This software includes various editing tools such as copy, cut, redo, undo and paste. Using these tools, the users could make plenty designs, including 2D drawing.

Another feature that positively reviewed by the costumers is layer feature. It is the essential tools in drawing; without layer the drawing would be lifeless. The customers are happy that the control function in A9cad is easy to operate and use.

– Unexpected Bugs
Despite of all continuous praises, many costumers also express their disappointment for the latest A9cad version. They feel like expecting too much from the update and thinking ahead of possible features that could be accessed. It would not happen if the installation fails repeatedly.

Note that the customers download the software from the official website. The file size is 15 MB, just the right size for A9cad. Then it can’t be opened. Imagine how disappointing it is for the customers. Some others who could download and install the software have another complaint; several features cannot work properly.

A9cad Software

The button is there, but clicking it changes nothing to the drawing. The features are fillet and polyline arc; both are essential tools in drawing process.

When a software is improved by the manufacturers, several standards have been set beforehand. It is delightful to see good reviews from the customers, how the features help them to do their work. Unfortunately, some of them might have bad experiences with it. The problem is in the installation process.