Other a9CAD Alternatives

Other a9CAD Alternatives – Software for graphic editing is the heart of designers and any other related fields. It would be great to work with just one software. However, things might happen and people should have alternative options to save the day. Without doubt, these alternatives should be equal or even better than a9CAD itself.

1. LibreCAD
Do you want another free, open source link for graphic software? LibreCAD is the answer. It handles 2D design, just like a9CAD. It is compatible for all OS; Windows, Linux and Apple. You can find the link on the internet by typing the keyword. Then you could download for free without any time limit or monthly payment. It’s as enjoyable as playing online games.

For the file format, LibreCAD could save DXF files. If you have DWG files sent to you, it is possible to view and edit using LibreCAD. In addition, you could also export other file formats; PDF, SVG, JPG, PNG and many more. LibreCAD allows you to work on each layer and do several modifications. After finishing software installation, you will see that its size is 30 MB only.

2. DraftSight
It turns out that a9CAD is not the only challenger for AutoCAD. There is another competitor called DraftSight. Both are paid software, which means you have to pay a monthly fee to the software company. Those who use this software are mostly professionals, educators and students. The price is considered affordable compared to AutoCAD.

You could install DraftSight to several OS, especially windows. It works well with Windows 7, Vista and even Windows XP. Many users praise how this software could be downloaded in less than one minute. It also has footprint on each file. Don’t worry, it won’t block your work.

This is another free option for graphic users. QCAD offers two different versions; Community and Professionals. As expected, the free software belongs to Community. It is available online and has no monthly fee. You might notice extension button. This is the commercial plug ins, just in case you need some features only found in Professional features.

QCAD is compatible with three OS; Windows, Apple and Linux. These are the most used OS in the world. Many users share that QCAD is exceptionally helpful to draw technical picture such as mechanical parts, interior or building.

Two is better than one. Having a9CAD is convenient for you, but preparing for the worst case is always recommended. You have plenty of options, starting from the free software up to the paid ones. Choose one that could help you as good as or better than a9CAD. Good luck!

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