Learn Basic Editing Skills with A9CAD

Learn Basic Editing Skills with A9CAD

Learn Basic Editing Skills with A9CAD – Gaining editing skills is quite important because lots of jobs nowadays demand employers to have this skill. Unfortunately, it isn’t cheap to learn from the professionals and some software requires you to pay to use it. You don’t need to worry because there is free software you can use to improve your basic editing skills, a9CAD. Let’s learn more about this software here.

A9CAD is an editing software, not a game software or awesome tool to play in online casinos like if you have ever heard about AutoCAD, you will be familiar with this software. The features of this software are quite familiar to version 2.2.2.

Actually, there are two different versions of this latest software; A9CAD and A9CAD Pro. A9CAD gives basic editing tools. Meanwhile, the Pro one gives more features compared to the standard one. If you want to have this software, you can find it by browsing on the internet. After you find the website to download the software, just download it and install it on your computer. The best thing is that this software works with Windows so that you can use it with smart devices that can run the Windows program.

– Editing Tools Offered
A9CAD offers you basic editing tools and with this software, you can draw lines, triangles, circle, square, and other basic tools. This software also gives you some basic commands, like a copy, cut, paste, undo, and redo. You can also find other editing formats, such as paste special and block. Don’t worry, you can also add some texts on your drawing like other basic editing software.

Basic Editing Skills with A9CAD

While this standard software only offers you with basic editing features, A9CAD Pro offers you with more sophisticated features that are suitable for professional graphic design and photography works. The editing tools this version offers are text, dimension, image, ellipse, image, circle, line, arc, and point. This version also comes with basic editing tools, such as move, erase, copy, rotate, offset, fillet, break, join, mirror, extend, trim, explode, and scale. The good this is that A9CAD Pro supports file formats such as DWG and DXF format. Meaning that you can view and edit the file with those formats. It will come in handy if you work as graphic designers because most of the file types are DXF and DWG.

This software is free to download and to use. All you need to do is to install it on your computer and you can directly use it. Although this software doesn’t have sophisticated editing tools, it can help you get a grasp of simple editing skills.